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My awakening to the field of energy healing developed over decades through my own deep, personal transformation, growth, study and self actualized healing.


My background is Multi-Disciplinary~ I attended the Juilliard School of Music with a Major in Vocal Performance.  I hold a B.S. in Psychology from The University at New Paltz, N.Y.  I have received my Master attunement in the Usui style of Reiki, as well as my Munay-Ki Rites attunenment in Shamanic Studies. I am also a certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher.

Each of us is born with an innate, powerful gift to heal ourselves on all levels~ Spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Each, the ability to create, manifest and bring into our lives all that we desire. As an integrative energy practitioner, I work with many various healing modalities to bring about a safe, gentle and customized experience to each of my clients. It is my mission to educate, encourage and support you along your path and assist you in the discovery of your own unique, limitless healing potential.



About Kory

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Integrative Energy Practioner  Reiki Master Meditation Teacher, Sound Meditation

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