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Gratitude ~Love ~Sharing

It is both an honor and gift for me to be of service to each and every one of my clients. I believe that we call into our lives exactly who and what vibration we need in order to manifest true healing and balance in our minds, bodies, soul and spirit. I trust that our time spent together was both sacred and divine and I am so very grateful to have been given the opportunity to hold space for you.

My  Love , Light and Highest Vibration to you,


                                                                                              ~ Kory


"I had not had an experience with Reiki prior to my session with Kory. I was not attached to any particular outcome, but hoping to find some emotional release from some long ago childhood trauma. Her work felt gentle, kind and very powerful. I felt so comfortable sharing with her my story and my pain. Something that I do not normally do. She truly listened and together we created the most beneficial healing plan for me. I would recommend Kory to anyone who is seeking the power of Reiki.

                                                                   M. R                                               

"My Reiki sessions with Kory are healing and beneficial to me in a way that is very hard for me to put into words. Some people need exercise, some need yoga or a weekly massage. I need my Reiki with Kory. My sessions with her are an inner massage for my heart and soul. She has helped me to release old pent up anger, frustration and emotional pain I didn't even know I was still holding on to. Her compassion, energy, knowledge and loving way have been such a huge benefit to me and others around me."


                                                                   T. S

"My time with Kory is truly special. She has hands for healing to those who's minds are open enough to experience her extraordinary touch and healing ways. Even if you don't quite understand its purpose she will help you learn, heal and grow. A truly life changing event for me"


I have been working with Kory for almost a year now. To say she has shifted my perspective on my own life is an understatement. From the moment I met her, she has embraced me with her love and guidance, being completely open minded and guiding me through some very difficult decisions and pain that I have been able to confront and release with love and gratitude. Most importantly she has taught me thru meditation on connecting with my true self on making decisions on a daily basis. She is truly a gift for those who have crossed paths with her energy healing ways"


"I have know and worked with Kory for over 10 years. The services I have experienced with her are Reiki, cupping and sound and vibration healing with her crystals bowls. Beyond a powerful feeling of great relaxation, I felt an overall calmness and sense of well being. The night after Kory did a healing session on me I had a restful rejuvenating sleep and awoke refreshed calm and renewed! Mentally I felt a sense of well being and everything was going to be fine! I loved Kory's guided meditation! I am thankful for the gift and the tools she presented to me that I and currently able to utilize in my everyday life! In this world of fast paced, frantic lifestyle we all currently live in, having Kory's intuition and healing work is like having a mini vacation 20 minutes from my home!

I would strongly recommend Kory's So'ham Healing work for anyone who needs a reset from the stresses of modern living we all live with! Just do it!"



Integrative Energy Practioner  Reiki Master Meditation Teacher Sound Meditation

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